21 Apr

"Hard Motion Painting" a showcase of work by UK based artist, Abner Harris

04/21/2017 - 04/29/2017
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Converge Gallery

April brings a new artist, Abner Harris, to Converge Gallery all the way from the United Kingdom, with his show, "Hard Motion Painting." This exhibition focuses on how the world is currently in a state of flux. Demographically, meteorologically, and technologically, nothing seems immune to change and strong opinion. In times such as these it is tempting for artists to become partisan. Abner has always preferred to focus on the patterns and relationships born of such changing times in art as well as in life. The exhibition opening will be held on Friday, April 7th from 6-9pm. An exclusive Gallery Insiders preview hour will be held from 5:00 - 6:00. RSVP is required and attendees must register in advance at https://convergegallery.com/register-collectors-preview-hour/. The exhibition runs from April 7th - April 29th, 2017.

Abner uses what he sees in the world allegorically when he does and roles are often shared or interchangeable. His subjects can be dreamlike and ambiguous but they obey his own laws of cause and effect, often in reaction to other recent paintings of his. For Abner's purposes, a successful narrative is one in which he takes definable positions which can be seen from different perspectives. In other words, Abner would like to paint like a wise, open-minded historian, or a weak, ineffectual lawyer.

In recent years Abner has been carefully tracing his paintings using vector graphics or bezier paths (in Illustrator). Bezier paths describe lines between points by giving the points values using the sort of mathematics that painters like him tend to struggle with. Vectored images are infinitely scalable and the curves between the points are by their very nature mathematically perfect. A quick glance at his work is enough to see that he does his level best to get these curves nice and smooth. Tracing the paintings is a way of correcting and refining the images, pulling a more ideal image from one with natural flaws, like the opposite of Plato's cave. Having the pieces in this form also allows him to play with different color schemes, make prints, stickers, and lampshades. A friend of his even made a skin for a virtual drift truck out of one.

In 2006, Abner completed the first of three 8 ½' x 5 ½' paintings, the third of which has only just now been completed with close to twenty vector graphics. His plan for the future is to play with his vectors, making prints using different color combinations, printing heavily altered sections onto canvas, and going back into them with real paint and a hairy brush.

About the Artist
Abner Harris grew up in eastern Massachusetts. He attended the Art Institute of Chicago and received a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 1996. After leaving Chicago, Abner moved to New York City where he stayed for two years. In 1998 Abner moved to the United Kingdom. At first, he lived west of London finding work by painting murals on moonwalks (bouncy castles) and as a model maker In Lego land.

During the decade from 1998 to 2008, Abner was showing his paintings regularly in pubs, dive bars, and galleries in London. One of these bars, Camden, was used as s location for the film 'Happy go Lucky' by Mike Leigh, and since Abner's work was hanging in the bar, his art became featured in the movie. At The Foundry (another bar), he exhibited in and co-organized an arts festival and appeared twice on "Live from the Foundry" which aired on Resonance 104.4 FM. Around 2010 Abner began tracing his paintings with vector graphics. In 2011 he exhibited in the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, Massachusetts. In 2015 he exhibited in the Moniker Art Fair in London, and coinciding with this show, a short film was made about Abner by Brazilian filmmaker, Matcelli D'Andrea.

Back when Abner was a kid, he used to walk all over the place. By the time he arrived at his destination he would always have collected a fist full of rubbish from the side of the road and made some sort of misguided contraption out of it. He was a doodler and defacer of classroom desks. While some grow out of this sort of thing, he never did. He believes that that is what art is about. Abner admits that he is no different than the old guy who is still carving duck decoys or his wife who knits sweaters around trees. Painting however is more specific than a child's playful creativity, so, it is necessary here to explain why he paints the things that he does. He has always been drawn to artwork with a fluid sense of motion and calligraphy from the English alphabet and alphabets of other languages. This writing, aside from the literal meaning, can tell a story with angles and swoops and stops. With his paintings, Abner has sought to tell little stories with the lines and shapes that make up more recognizable imagery, with a shape echoing a line or a color used for balance.

About Converge Gallery

Converge Gallery was founded in 2011. The gallery, already internationally recognized for its ambitious program, has been extremely selective and focused on finding emerging or notable mid-career artists with a contemporary emphasis oriented to display the most challenging and innovative art.

What we are trying to do, without any pretense to define art, is to elevate the discussion about art, reality, and perception. Converge Gallery's goal is to sell the meaning, cultural context, and the individual point of view of the artist. Both artist and collector are encouraged to approach a certain level of aesthetic value, clarity of content, and vision.

The greatest achievement for us would be to extend the boundaries of art, and generate a conversation between artists and the general public.

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