23 Apr

Expressions (Intentions) featuring new works by Vance McCoy

04/23/2019 - 04/27/2019
All Day
Arthaus Projects

Arthaus Projects, a community oriented non-profit art space located in downtown Williamsport, is excited announce the opening of "Expressions (Intensions)" a new  exhibition showcasing the work of Associate Professor Vance McCoy. The exhibition opens Friday, April 5th from 6 - 9pm, and is on display until Saturday, April 27th.

About the Artist(s)


Vance McCoy is a native of Pennsylvania. In 1984, He received his BFA in ceramics at PSU, where he was encouraged by renowned ceramic artists, David Dontigny, James Stephenson, and Berry Matthews to pursue a career in the visual arts. From 1985 to 1988, McCoy was engaged as an Artist-in-Resident, sponsored by the Margret Waldron Foundation in Muncy, Pa.

During that same period, he also participated in the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works
Apprenticeship program creating 2D and 3D works incorporating methodologies developed by Henry Chapman Mercer. In 1990, McCoy received his MFA in ceramic sculpture at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. During his graduate experience at Tyler, McCoy was mentored by several internationally celebrated artists, Nicholas Kripal and Robert Winokur, and acclaimed painter, David Hannah. In 2000, McCoy was afforded the exceptional opportunity to work with Prof. Chris Staley, a distinguished Professor of the Visual Arts at PSU. That same year, McCoy completed additional advanced-degree graduate credits from the University of Tennessee at the Arrowmount School of Arts and Crafts.

In 1992, McCoy began his teaching career as an adjunct instructor at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. That same year, He accepted a position at Lock Haven University, where he is presently an Associate Professor, and the primary instructor in sculpture, pottery, materials and techniques, and the history of Modern Art.

McCoy has been a board member of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the ACLU since 2002, and an advocate and fundraiser for the non-profit H.E.L.P. for Pets of Clinton County, Pa.

About Arthaus Projects

Arthaus Projects is a community arts center focused on visual artforms. Our programming includes multiple gallery exhibitions per year that focus on bringing contemporary, pop culture influenced artwork to Central Pennsylvania. Throughout each exhibition, we offer special events, art workshops, and performances that coincide with the theme of the show, highlight an art activity, or attract new people to the gallery space. Arthaus Projects is devoted to bringing art to the masses, and as such, strives to bring the community together for thought-provoking conversations about art.

Arthaus Projects has no interest in the elitist viewpoints held by stuffy galleries. We welcome anyone with even the slightest curiosity through our doors and believe that there is no such thing as a silly question. We want our visitors to take their time exploring the gallery and experiencing some emotion (good, bad or indifferent). At Arthaus Projects, we believe that art is meant to challenge, and a successful exhibition should challenge our visitors.

In addition to challenging patrons, Arthaus Projects strives to grow our artists by pushing them with unusual exhibitions. Arthaus Projects showcases artists from around the world, and we push our artists to do more than just hang their work on our walls. We host unique events such as Steam Roller printmaking day, the CMY5k race and art fair, and artist collaboration through the use of technology. Arthaus Projects is always looking for new ideas and concepts in the pursuit of creating interesting art.

Through our programming, Arthaus Projects consistently provides artists with opportunities to grow their career. Every year, we host an open-call juried exhibition which allows even first-time artists an opportunity to showcase their work in a professional gallery. Through these juried exhibitions, Arthaus Projects has coached young artists on the “ins and outs” of the art world, aided with how to properly price their work, and assisted with learning how to market themselves as artists. Connections are also commonly made through the gallery that are invaluable to an artist’s future success.

Arthaus Projects is holding the community to a higher standard and are revitalizing the town by enriching culture. Please join us for an opening, a special event or for a more intimate experience, visit us during any of our normal business hours.

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